Firearm Cleaning

Basic Hand Cleaning for Pistol and Non Semi Auto Long Guns $25.00

Basic Hand Cleaning for Semi Auto Long Guns $45.00

Detail Cleaning for All Firearms $45.00 per ½ Hour

Sight Installation

Glock Pistol Sights $25.00

Smith & Wesson M&P Sights $35.00

Scope Mounting on Handguns or Rifles $25.00

Sight in Pistol (Laser or Iron Sights) $25.00

Sight in Rifle (Scope, Red Dot or Iron Sights) $25.00

**Sight Installs are Free if Sights are Purchased at Eagle Gun Range**

Trigger/Spring Installs

Glock Drop in Parts $25.00

Glock Fitted Parts $60.00

Smith & Wesson M&P $45.00

AR-15 $25.00

Smith & Wesson Revolvers $45.00

Ruger Revolvers $45.00

1911’s $25.00

AR-15 Work

Remove and Install Gas Block $50.00

Barrel Install $65.00

Complete Upper Assembly Build $75.00

Complete Lower Assembly Build $75.00

Full Rifle Build $140.00

Install Stock $35.00

Install Muzzle Device $25.00

Install Handguard $75.00


Pricing for Other Work Will Be Done by Quote Only with a Minimum $45.00 per ½ Hour Charge

***The Above Rates are for Labor Only, No Parts Included***