Locations (Click for Directions):  Lewisville   |   Farmers Branch

Locations (Click for Directions):  Lewisville   |   Farmers Branch   

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Advanced Pistol Training Class

This is an Advanced Pistol Class.  You must take our Intermediate Pistol Class before this class.  This class builds on the skills taught in the Intermediate Pistol Class.

Course Description: The Advanced Pistol Training course is designed for advanced students who want to build on the fundamentals and techniques of Intermediate Pistol training while introducing new concepts and challenges. Advanced Pistol is designed for students interested in increasing their skill with their pistol through a variety of exercises and situational drills. The course is approximately 3 and a half hours long and will require a minimum of 300 rounds of ammunition.

Course Requirements:

  • Completion of Intermediate Pistol AND instructor approval OR Instructor approval with previous training
  • Ability to demonstrate safe firearm handling
  • Reliable semi-automatic handgun with a minimum of 3 magazines
  • Quality belt and holster designed for your firearm
  • Double magazine holder or 2 single magazine holders
  • Minimum of 300 rounds of ammunition (Discount offered on ammo purchased at the range for the class)
  • Ear and eye protection

Key Concepts:

  • Fundamentals of Marksmanship refresher
  • Safely and effectively improving the holster draw
  • Strong and weak hand shooting
  • Malfunction clearing
  • Multi-target transitions
  • Introduction to scenario based training

If you do not have the proper gear, we will have some available for rental use.  This includes: belts, holsters, magazine holsters and pistols.  We will only have loaner holsters for a few models of firearms so be sure to check with us if you intend on using our gear.

Taught by: NRA Certified Instructors

Facility: Eagle Gun Range
Seats are limited
Price: $150.00




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