Why should I still get a License to Carry?

There are many instances when acquiring and renewing a LTC are beneficial and/or necessary:


  • Texas Law Gives LTC Holders More Rights
  • Reciprocity: Texas LTC Out-of-State Recognition
  • Federal Gun-Free School Zones
  • Fast Lane for Firearm Purchases
  • LTC Holders are Entitled to More Notice at Some Prohibited Locations
  • LTC Holders are Allowed “Oopsies” at Airports
  • Learn “Use of Force Law” (When you can and cannot use deadly force)
  • Learn What Happens After You Use Your Gun

Eagle Gun Range’s LTC classes are $75

When you sign up for an Eagle Gun Range LTC class you will receive FREE lane use ($25 value) on the day of your class and you will be able to buy any accessories in the store on the day of your class for 10% OFF.  We have two locations and offer classes every Saturday at 7am and Sunday at 11:00am.  We also offer classes on some Tuesdays at 9am.  We want to make sure anyone can find a time to take the class.

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