Buying or transferring an NFA item has never been easier. Eagle Gun Range offers the following services to help you with the process.

  1. If you are interested in creating a trust to protect your assets and allow possession of the NFA item by selected family and friends (trustees) and allow it to be passed down (beneficiaries). There are a lot of build-your-own-trust websites out there, but they often lack many features and comforts of a custom-built trust that has an attorney’s support. For this reason, we recommend Willi Law Firm (, as their trusts and service are fantastic. If you decide to use James, be sure to tell him Eagle Gun Range sent you.
  2. Once you have your trust or if you are going to do the paperwork as an individual, the next step is to drop by either of our locations (Farmers Branch or Lewisville) and talk to one of our associates about the best item(s) to fit your needs. Once we have helped you determine that, you will make the purchase and we will get started on your paperwork. If we cannot locate the item, you are looking for, we are happy to accept a transfer of any NFA item you find online.
  3. Your paperwork consists of the following items and we can help with all of them.
  4. Completed Form 4 (this is the form we send to the ATF to register that item to you or your trust). We complete this for you, all you must do is sign it.
  5. (2) FBI fingerprint cards for yourself and any co-trustees on your trust. We can complete these electronically in no time at all and we even keep them on file to print for any future purchases.
  6. Passport Photos. These can be completed at the same time as your fingerprints.
  7. $200 payment to the ATF by either check, money order or credit/debit card.
  8. Once you have completed all this, now the waiting game begins. The great thing about buying from us is that you can shoot your suppressor or other NFA item when visiting the range anytime you’d like to.

Whether you are new to the NFA world or already have NFA items in your collection, Eagle Gun Range would be honored to help you with your next NFA purchase.

If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to stop by or call the range


Eagle Gun Range

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