Course Description:

The Basic Holster Class is for those who are familiar with shooting pistols and would like to learn more about carrying and drawing from a holster. If you already own or are looking to purchase your first holster to start carrying a pistol this class is an excellent first step. You do not need to own a pistol or holster to take this class. You will draw and shoot a gun from the holster on the range during this class.

List of topics covered:

  • Unintentional contact with a firearm

  • Introduction to firearms

  • Basic Firearm Safety

  • Safe Handling

  • Range Rules and etiquette

Benefits of LTC

  • Reciprocity with many other states

  • Fast lane for firearms


  • Learn the law of deadly force

  • Understand the castle law

  • Free lane use on the day of your class.

  • 10% off any accesories in the store on the day of your class

Course Objectives:

  • No experience necessary

  • 4 Rules of Firearm Safety

  • How to operate your firearm

  • Coaching on the fundamentals of shooting during live fire exercises

Course Objectives:

  • Build on the basic fundamentals of shooting

  • Coaching to improve your accuracy and shoot faster during live fire exercises

  • Coaching to effectively reload your pistol during live fire exercises

  • Coaching to properly clear malfunctions during live fire exercises

Course Objectives:

  • The safe and effective use of a rifle.

  • Develop greater confidence with your rifle or build a deeper understanding to rifle marksmanship.

  • Improve your stance, sight picture and trigger control in order to effectively deliver accurate rifle fire.

Course Objectives

  • Understand where you can and cannot carry

  • Learn what signs are important for you

  • Learn what firearms are covered

  • Understand the basics of Constitutional Carry

  • Learn what happens if you have to use your firearm

  • Understand gun safety

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