Texas Constitutional Carry

Our Position on Constitutional Carry that is currently before the Texas Legislature. The Texas House has just passed a bill allowing citizens to carry firearms, regardless whether they have a Texas State Licensed Permit or not (provided the individual is legally allowed to possess a firearm).  The bill is now before the Senate to be decided upon.

We have been asked what our opinion is on this much discussed topic.  While we freely admit we are absolutely no expert on legal issues, we do have experience with observing individuals shooting firearms. Our opinion has been, and always will be, anything that will allow individuals to protect themselves and their loved ones is a good thing.  We have always been a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, but have had some slight reservations about Constitutional Carry in the past.  We have always espoused we felt it extremely better that a person be properly trained before they carry a firearm.  We feel it is safer for them and for society at large. However, with the recent changes in the city, state and federal legislations allowing wanton vandalism, destruction of businesses, attacks on individuals, defunding of police departments, vilification of police officers, attacks on our civil liberties, our first and second amendment being attacked, and murder rates climbing, We find that now is the time to be more inclined to support Constitutional Carry.

This has always been a Right…sometimes a measured Right…but it is a privilege to have these Rights living here in this great Nation.  As with all Privileges comes Responsibilities…. We just pray when each, and every one of us avail ourselves of this Right/Privilege to Bear Arms, that we will equally resolve, determine, and be resolute toward learning how to properly and safely use these firearms.  We cannot properly, safely, and effectively protect ourselves and our loved ones if we do not properly train in the use of these firearms.


We pray God’s richest blessings continually be upon this great nation,

Constitutional Carry

Keep Calm

Nanci and David Prince

And the Eagle Gun Range Family

Eagle Gun Range

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