New GSSF tournament

We will be hosting a series of Glock Sport Shooting Foundation Indoor League matches.


  •  Must attend at least 2 of the 3 matches to qualify for prizes (highest 2 scores are averaged to determine overall score for the series)
  •  Plaques for top shooter in each of 3 classes (ex: if 30 shooters, a class is 1-10 b class 11-20 and c class 21-30, so the person with the highest score, the 11th highest and 21st highest scores would be the class winners)
  •  T-shirts, hats and knives are awarded and a Glock pistol will be given away by drawing at the end of the match series
  •  Must be a GSSF member to participate and you can sign up the day of the event at eagle gun range in the store or online here. ($35.00 for new members, $25.00 for renewing members)
  •  Match fee will be $20.00 and you can sign up for the match here.
  •  Competitors may shoot any Glock pistol
  •  Rentals available for an additional $5 plus ammo cost


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