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This is a 2-hour class for all skill levels from new pistol owners to those who grew up shooting guns and want to improve their abilities. Students who attend the Intermediate Pistol class will build the proper foundations of pistol shooting and learn the fundamentals shooting while avoiding common mistakes and bad habits. If you are looking to quickly improve your accuracy, shoot faster, learn new skills, or properly prepare for using a pistol in a defensive situation, consider taking our Intermediate Pistol class. This class is specifically designed to set you up for success and continual improvement regardless of your experience level.

In this hands-on class your instructors will teach:

    1. The safe and effective use of a pistol
    2. How to tune your grip to fit your gun and get the most control
    3. The best way to use your sights
    4. How to use proper trigger control to vastly improve accuracy
    5. How to control recoil effectively to shoot faster accurately
    6. Improve economy of motion in emergency reloading the pistol, clearing malfunctions and transitions between multiple targets

Each student will need:

    1. Eye and ear protection (Eye and ear protection will be available to students free of charge)
    2. A semi-automatic pistol with a minimum of 2 magazines (magazine pouches are recommended but not required)
    3. At least 150 rounds of ammunition and a willingness to learn. Most calibers of ammunition will be available for purchase prior to the class. Please call ahead for availability)

** If you would like to rent from our extensive pistol rental selection, we recommend arriving about 15 minutes early. **

Price: $100

Seats are limited

You must be at least 21 years old to take this class, or have a parent or guardian present in the class room and on the shooting range.



5 stars

I was really looking forward to the Practical Shooting class, and it turned out to be even better than I had anticipated. Nathan & Stephen are not only very experienced shooters, but also are outstanding instructors who make learning fun. The pace and approach of the training was just right with each step of the firearm drawing, presentation, shooting and reloading technique broken down and simplified so that it was easy to understand and apply with a constant emphasis on safety. By dry-fire practicing each step before throwing real lead down range, each student was able to find and correct their mistakes with personalized help from the instructors. Then the fun really began with the live fire portion of the class, where we discovered at each step just how effective we would be in a real-life encounter and where we needed additional practice. I highly recommend this Practical Shooting class to anyone who is serious about owning a gun for the purpose of personal protection.

Norman J.

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