Locations (Click for Directions):  Lewisville   |   Farmers Branch

Locations (Click for Directions):  Lewisville   |   Farmers Branch   

Thank you for signing up for the Eagle Gun Range Online LTC class.  After you have completed the online portion, you will need to qualify with your handgun and attend 1-2 hours of range instruction which is classroom time.  We have multiple classes every week and two locations.  You may choose a class from our online schedule, which you may obtain at one of the links below.  We charge $25 for the qualification and classroom time.  When you choose a class please use the following discount code to change the price to $50.  You will already need to know how to shoot when you come in for the qualification.  The class is not designed to teach you to shoot.  It is designed to test your ability to shoot.  The qualification is not difficult.  If you can operate your gun, load your magazines, be safe, and you have shot before, you will have no problem passing the qualification.  We offer rental guns for $5 plus ammo if you need to rent a gun.  You will need ear and eye protection and may bring your own, or we have a kit that has ear and eye protection for $5 that you can purchase from us.  Please choose a Saturday morning, Sunday morning or Tuesday morning class since we shoot first thing in those classes.  If you have any questions, feel free to email john@eaglegunrangetx.com or call 972-353-4867.


Lewisville LTC class schedule:



Farmers Branch LTC schedule



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