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It’s Always Safety First for David and Nanci Prince of Eagle Gun Range


David and Nanci Prince set out on an interesting venture when it came time for David to retire from his accounting business.   A graduate of Texas A&M University, David spent most of his professional life owning a CPA firm and 35 years assisting individuals and companies with their tax and accounting needs. So running a business comes naturally to David.


A blended family, Nanci and David have lived in Frisco for the last 19 years. David has two sons and Nanci has two sons and a daughter. David is proud to say that all the children are grown and leading wonderfully productive lives.


Owning a gun range was sort of a natural progression. It started when David took Nanci out to a couple of indoor gun ranges to practice their pistol shooting skills. “She froze one time and melted from heat on the second visit,” David said. “That was when she said I should build an air-conditioned indoor gun range.”


He was getting close to retirement age and started thinking about other things to do. After extensive research, David realized that no indoor gun ranges had been built in the area in the last 30 years. “Dallas had grown, and I thought it was time another gun range was built, so Nancy and I set out on a new adventure,” he said.


Nanci and David own and operate two indoor gun ranges. The first is located in Lewisville and the newest one on Midway Road, in Farmers Branch, which is just 10 minutes from Preston Hollow. It is an easy trip right up the tollway or Midway Road. “We wanted a place that families could come and enjoy a clean, family-friendly, co-ed indoor recreational activity together,” David said. “We built a unique environment of great customer services and unparalleled safety for our shooters. Our ranges are always 72 degrees, all year long.”


There are very few ranges in the metropolitan area that can maintain this type of air quality.  “Because of the air quality on our ranges, we can assign a range safety officer to be continually on the bay,” David added. “This provides our customers with an extremely safe shooting environment.”


Finding a place to begin, enhance or hone your shooting skills is not the easiest task. Eagle Gun Range is one of the friendliest and safest places to achieve your shooting goals. If you are looking to purchase a firearm, you can try one of their 150 rental firearms. If you are looking for a recreational activity the whole family can enjoy, David says you should come give indoor shooting a try.  David believes that shooting is a great recreational activity that also enhances life skills. Eagle Gun Range also has “license to carry” classes regularly scheduled at their locations.


David and Nanci both believe in safety first. Their bays are constantly monitored by range safety officers and they believe their facility is a great place for indoor recreational shooting in a competitive shooting environment. Eagle Gun Range is a great place to learn about firearms or to learn a new life skill.


For more information:


972-353-4867 (guns)



14400 Midway Road in Farmers Branch


491 W. Valley Ridge Boulevard in Lewisville

Eagle Gun Range

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