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Locations (Click for Directions):  Lewisville   |   Farmers Branch   

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Children’s Party Package

What 8, 10 or even 15 year old girl or boy wouldn’t want to learn how to shoot a BB gun or .22 long rifle? We are offering the opportunity to provide your child safety training and basic handling instruction by a certified NRA Firearms Instructor; hands on experience with an adult within arm’s reach and a chance to ask any questions they have to a qualified professional.

Satisfy your child’s natural curiosity about guns in a safe environment. Take the mystery out of guns and show them what they really do! This isn’t a video game or a foam dart shooting plastic toy and it can save their life or someone else’s to know the difference!

Book a birthday party for your child for only $35 per child participant.

Birthday party package includes:

  • Approximately 30 minutes of safety training and basic handling instruction from a certified NRA Instructor in the classroom
  • Approximately 30 minutes of hands on experience on the shooting range with your choice of a BB Gun or a .22 Long Rifle
  • Ammunition
  • Eye and ear protection for each child participant to use on the range and take home at the end of the party
  • 15 to 20 minutes of follow up information in the classroom with additional opportunity for questions/answers
  • Use of the classroom for the remaining amount of time for birthday treats and gift opening if you choose.
  • Certificate of Completion for Youth Firearm Safety Training for each shooter
  • Gift card for one free hour on the range for a future visit for each child participant

You are welcome to bring in your own party food (ie: pizza, cake, drinks), but you will be required to also bring paper/plastic products (plates, napkins, cups, forks). We will provide an attendant in the room to assist in cutting cake and serving the food, as well as take care of clean-up. If you choose to have us provide the refreshments, we will provide cupcakes, ice cream and box drinks (as well as all paper/plastic products) for an additional $10 per child.

Birthday Party Rules

“Rules?? But, I thought birthday parties were supposed to be all fun and games!”

Ahh, but the premise of this party is based on a very serious subject not to be taken lightly. GUN SAFETY!! We trust you will understand that safety comes first and foremost. These rules are put into place with everyone’s safety in mind and will help ensure your child and his/her friends will have an enjoyable, educational and memorable experience at Eagle Gun Range!

  • Maximum of 8 child participants, including the birthday child
  • Minimum of 5 children, including the birthday child, or minimum of $175 for the entire party fee.
  • Each child participant must have a waiver completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian prior to entering the shooting range. We recommend printing this out and completing it ahead of time (as well as forward it to the other participant’s parents to complete prior to the party) to save time once you arrive. Please contact us at info@eaglegunrangetx.net for a copy of the waiver.
  • IMPORTANT: Each child must be able to recite these four basic rules of gun safety prior to entering the shooting range. Please go over these with your child in advance and have the other participants do the same with their parents. The instructor will also go over each rule in detail to assist your child in understanding why these rules are in place and the importance of each one.
  • Minimum age for each participating child is 8 years old.
    • We strongly recommend that you find childcare for younger siblings. Children under the age of 8 years old are not allowed in the shooting range and they are not to be left unattended in the retail area. We do not have staff to supervise younger children in the retail area.
  • There must be a minimum of one parent or adult for every 2 children attending. Each adult attending must attend the safety orientation prior to entering the range.
  • IMPORTANT: To ensure the safety of all participants, parents will be required to sit at the back of the classroom during instruction, as well as stand at the back of the range during the shooting portion. We ask that all parents not talk to or distract their children as they are receiving safety instruction or during the shooting portion of the event.
  • Each person that enters the shooting range must be wearing eye and ear protection (children and adults/parents). Each child participant receives a free pair as part of the party package. If any of the adults do not bring in a personal set, we will have a set that may be purchased for a small fee.
    Birthday parties are booked for 2 hours of total time in the classroom and on the shooting range. Since we will be opening for public use very shortly after your party ends, we respectfully ask that party participants clear the building promptly at the end of the 2 hours. That is, unless of course, you or another parent would like to purchase a lane rental with your child for additional shooting after the party ends.
  • All adults must read through the posted Range Rules, sign a form stating that they and their children will abide by them and answer a question within the rules that will show that they read them. See the Range Rules HERE. Please have all attending adults go over these rules with the participating children before the party so they are familiar with them.

If you have any questions about a birthday party that we did not cover here, please send us an email at info@eaglegunrangetx.net.

Finally, we would like to say THANK YOU for being a responsible gun owner and teaching your child firearm safety and RESPECT at a young age! We look forward to meeting your future competitive shooters, hunters and responsible gun owners!

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