Free Kids Gun Safety Classes offered in Lewisville and Farmers Branch, TX

Are the children in your house curious about firearms? Bring them to us for our kids Firearm Safety Class.

This course is designed to teach kids what to do if/when they come into contact with a firearm,  personal safety with firearms and safe handling. We will introduce kids to firearm safety and show a few different types of firearms.  Whether you have firearms in your house or not, your children will inevitably come into contact with them and you may not be present. It is extremely important for them to know how to respond if he, or she, encounters a firearm.

The class is intended for youth between the ages of 6 and 17 and is FREE.  The class will have limited seating so please sign up online, over the phone or in the store.

List of topics covered:

  • Unintentional contact with a firearm
  • Introduction to firearms
  • Basic Firearm Safety
  • Safe Handling
  • Range Rules and etiquette


Classes will be held at 6pm on the first Thursday in Farmers Branch and 5pm on the third Thursday in Lewisville every month.

We have extended Youth night on these nights so you can take the kids out to shoot after class.  On Youth night we shut down a bay and only allow .22 and BB guns so there are no loud guns.  If you want to shoot any other calibers you can shoot in the other bay.

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